SAMAN AIR SERVICES in order to implement the duties within the framework of company’s policies and to achieve the targeted aims, is committed to execute duties and apply the customer’s satisfaction and continual quality improvement of work processes.

This company, at this time, is providing 24 hours ground services in the airports

PGU (Asaloyeh)
QKC (Payam)
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Company vision

Saman Air Service Company

Regarding the progresses in quality and standards of ground handling services, SAMAN AIR SERVICES is an important step in development and success of national aeronautical industry. This company’s services are efficient to respond the operational ground handling requirements of the customers with regard to reverence of them and self benefits

Organization Missions

We, the SAMAN’s staff construe worship the services to people and do our best endeavors to provide services to our contracted airlines at the Airports mentioned in our contracts
We believe that the safety is title of all works in our offering services and distinguish high value for this culture to become institutional within the company
We consider important on the team work, in order to enhance the profits
We do our best continually endeavors in order to promote execution of duties, and have high regards for innovation and innovators
We believe that all sections of company are organs of a body and have high regards for integrity and cooperation in the works
We consider it important for those In all ranks who undertake the responsibilities of their decisions and actions and are responder to the people’s requests
We provide the possibilities of access to the company’s information for all colleagues and interested parties, and construe it as a worth
Social guarantee is an important worth for SAMAN AIR SERVICES and it believes that is committed in social problems and especially in constant development in the international airports of state