Mehrabad station

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Its height from the high seas is 3961 feet and is about 1207 meters

It has two separate bands, with numbers 11L, 11R, 29L, 29R, 4030 meters long, and 60 meters wide with close alignment.


This airport is located in the western part of Tehran

Mehrabad airport

Mehrabad International Airport Tehran is the main airport of Tehran and the capital of Iran, which was built in 1317. This airport is located in the western part of Tehran.

In 2005, the airport has six terminals, namely Terminal One and Two, which are related to Iran Air, Iran Air, Ata Air and Qeshm Air Air. Terminal 3 of the airport belongs to Hajjaj. Terminals four, five and six will be used for departure and arrival of flights of other companies, respectively

In 1325, the first group of air force pilots was deployed to the United States, after which the Air Force began operations in 1328 with T.86 and F.33 in Mehrabad. The growth of technology in the aircraft industry and Iran's membership in the ICAO led to the growing growth of the passenger and cargo transportation industry at the Iranian airport (Mehrabad) airport.

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