Kerman Station

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It has an area of 5735 feet, equivalent to approximately 1,748 meters above sea level

The main runway of the airport, with numbers 34 and 16, with a length of 3845 meters and a width of 45 meters with a close plan, and its sub-band is inactive.


Ayatollah Rafsanjani International Airport, Kerman, is located near Kerman city

Kerman airport

The initial area of the Kerman airport terminal was 600 square meters and the main runway was 2600 meters wide with a width of 45 meters and the sub area was 2000 meters with a width of 45 square meters.

In the year 1360, the main development and deployment of the main runway with a length of 3845 meters in width of 60 meters has been improved, which was put into operation in 1366 and was definitively delivered in 1369

In 1362, the contract for the development of the terminal of the airport was 1200 square meters. In 1366, the area of the terminals increased to 1,800 square meters, and expanded to 1,600 square meters in 1369 with the development of the terminal of the hajjis (second floor).

In 1993, the hajjis terminal was exploited with an area of 3000 square meters.

Kerman Airport is one of the most important airports in the center of Iran, and its internal and external terminal covers a total of 116 flights per week.

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