Shiraz Station

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The height of 4920 feet is about 1500 meters above the free seaside

It has 2 separate bands, equipped with 11L, 11R, 29L, 29R, 4272 meters long and 45 meters wide with close alignment.


This airport is located in the southern region of Shiraz

Shiraz airport

International Shahid Dasgheib Shiraz International Airport with the name Yatia SYZ Vikaya OISS

The airport is the most equipped airport in Iran in terms of navigational and electronic equipment after the Imam Khomeini airport. In addition to flights to the Iranian cities, there are some foreign flights, especially for the Persian Gulf countries, and the airport also has military applications. This airport is the base of the southern helicopter airline and has an airline named Sephran. This airport is the fourth most-righted airport in the country after Mehrabad airport, Mashhad airport and Imam Khomeini airport.

Currently, the international airport of Shiraz, with its modern and efficient navigation devices, such as the PSR-SSR radar, one of the most advanced radars in the world.

In designing the functions of the outgoing and incoming passengers, it has been tried to maintain the mental flow of movement. Also, spaces of various functions are designed to be as transparent as possible, in addition to the visual routing of the actions and events of passengers and their companions, also reduce the anxiety of passengers.

The ground floor includes a public lounge, a reception room for passengers and cargo, an entrance hall, customs clearance, office rooms, a dining hall and service spaces.

The first floor consists of an entrance passageway, passport control, office space, free shops and service spaces.

The second floor includes a flight waiting room, exit passport control, free shops, security control, buffet, prayer room, sanitary facilities and service spaces.

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