Awards and certificates

Saman Air Services Company was honored to obtain ISAGO certification for the first time in the history of the Iranian aviation industry in 2015, this certificate, which has been able to be renewed twice, has advantages for all the aviation industry-related stakeholders of the company, which summarizes the following :

Benefits of ISAGO for Civil Aviation and Airports :

Unified standards for ground handling companies

Provides additional monitoring potential

Improves control done by airport authorities.

Advantages of ISAGO for airlines :

Reduction of accidents, accidents and injuries on the ground

Sharing Inspection Results and Registration System

Save costs

Less damage on the ground to equipment and save audit costs

Outsourcing Services

ISAGO Benefits for Saman Company :

Safer ground services, fewer accidents and accidents

Reduced inspections by airlines

Reduced costs: Less damage and reduced inspections

Uniform inspection process and harmonious standards

Better safety monitoring

The same training for auditors.

More desirable quality standards

Raising awareness of risk areas in ground operations

Increased awareness of risk management

Reduction of damage to ground personnel

Gaining International Credibility

Reduction of ground hazards that affect flight safety.

Reduction of ground damage to aircraft

Considering the current conditions, the necessary measures have been taken to renew this certificate .

Obtaining such an honor reflects our great commitment in Saman Company to keep up with the latest international standards and requirements so that we can provide a higher level of safety to our customers and stakeholders .