Shiraz Airport

Shiraz has two airports. One of these airports, called Old Airport, was built near Baba khan desert in 1308 AH. But the small space and the impossibility of its development led to a large airport being built in the southeast of Shiraz and near the village of Jaafar Abad. An airport that has the capability to land and take off large aircraft. The new airport, which was called Shiraz Airport, was opened in 1340 on an area of 500 hectares and since 45 it was also considered as an international airport .

Shiraz Shahid Dastgheib Airport was built in 1961 and was considered as one of Iran's international airports in 1966. In recent years, due to the expansion plans for the airport, the capacity of the airport has increased from 4 million to 10 million. The airport is considered Iran's second largest military and passenger airport after Imam Airport in Tehran because of its advanced equipment .

According to statistics published in recent years, there are an average of 10 international and 120 domestic flights a day, which is a significant figure .

Currently, the airport consists of two runways and two terminals for domestic and international flights. The runways of this airport are considered as one of the best and most equipped runways, which has made the airport capable of carrying out various flights and is considered as the second air control center in Iran .

Airport facilities :.

Shiraz Airport Domestic Arrivals Terminal (Terminal 1)

Shiraz Airport Arrival Terminal (Terminal 2)

  • VIP & CIP Hall
  • Private Parking
  • Hotel
  • Commercial Booths
  • Shiraz International Airport commercial booths sell a variety of goods such as well-known souvenirs in Shiraz
  • Restaurant and Cafe
  • Currency Exchange
  • Bank and ATM
Airport Map :.
Shiraz Airport
Photo Gallery :.

Introducing Station

Saman Air Services Company started its activities in the second half of 1394 in Shiraz and has always tried to comply with all international and domestic laws, meet the needs and demands of customers and all legal authorities of the country, to fulfill its obligations in the best possible way .

Saman Air Services Shiraz Station currently operates 24/7 and with 198 employees provides domestic and foreign contracted airlines with airport services, including: security (cargo and passengers and aircraft), flight safety, loading and unloading of aircraft, separation of furniture and cargo (freight transport), decoration of cabin (cleaning), passenger reception .

Introduction Station Services

  • Managerial performance in station control
  • Passenger Services
  • Ramp Services
  • Loading, controlling and flight operations
  • Support Services
  • Protective and protective measures
  • Cargo Services
  • Coordinating aviation and flight monitoring