Mehr Abad Airport

Tehran Mehrabad Airport is the largest domestic airport in Tehran and one of the most important airports in Iran. Mehrabad Airport organizes about 18 million passengers each year in cooperation with domestic airlines, making it the first and largest airport in the country. Mehrabad consists of 5 passenger car parks with a capacity of about 7000,9 parking places .

Mehrabad has a flight control tower, equipped with Rittion and Arya radars and two runways and one main taxi. Also, having the machinery and equipment of the day in the safety and fire department has cat 50 safety .

Mehrabad's eastern and western operon currently has the capacity to accept about 3 medium-fuselage aircraft, and three handling companies are responsible for transporting cargo and passengers from the terminal to flight levels and vice versa .

The name of Mehrabad was Hussein Abad village until it became part of the Mehrieh Esmat al-Dawlah and chose the name Mehrabad on it. However, due to Mehrabad's excessive spending, he was taken hostage and left out of the control of his family. In 1296 and at the end of the First World War, the people of Tehran witnessed for the first time the flight of aircraft over the sky. 22 years later, following the rapid development of the aviation industry, and after the establishment of the pilot club with 20 aircraft in 1317, Mehrabad Airport was established and born. In 1325, the first group of pilots of the Air Force were sent to the United States, and then the Air Force began operating in Mehrabad in 1328 with the T.86 and F.33 aircraft and began flying operations. The growth of aviation industry technology and membership of Iran in ICAO led to the increasing growth of passenger and freight aviation industry at the central airport of Iran (Mehrabad) .

Airport facilities :.

Terminal facilities of Mehrabad Airport (6 terminals) • Terminal 1: This terminal hosts domestic flights and Kish Air and Zagros airlines

• Terminal 1 facilities include a restaurant, coffee shop, communal hall, prayer room and library. It is interesting to know that this terminal is now on the national list due to its historical and cultural significance .

• Terminal 2: This terminal also hosts Iran Air, Meraj, Qeshm Air, Ata, Airtour and Karun flights. The facilities of Terminal 2 are as follows: restaurant, coffee shop, transit hall, communal hall, sandwich, book stand, prayer room .

• Terminal 3: Terminal 3 is also related to pilgrims .

• Terminal 4: Terminal 4 is intended to leave Tehran for domestic cities and hosts flights from Mahan, Taban, Aseman, Caspian, Pars Air and Fly Persia. The facilities of this terminal are as follows: restaurant, coffee shop, transit hall, sandwich, reception area for passengers on delayed flights, hot and cold buffet

• Terminal 5: Terminal 5 is also dedicated to pilgrims .

• Terminal 6: This terminal is for incoming flights to Tehran from different cities .

Banks: Banks are facilities that exist in all terminals of the airport and the entire airport environment and can provide banking services to passengers .

ATMs are usually located next to these banks or separately and throughout the airport and are ready to serve .

Mehrabad Airport Parking Spaces: Mehrabad International Airport also has multi-storey and non-storey parking spaces

• There are three parking lots in front of Terminals 1, 2 and 4, with a capacity of about 4,000 vehicles. A parking lot for pilgrims is located in front of Terminal 5.

The airlines operating in Mehrabad

are the Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines, Aseman Airlines, Iran Airtour, Mahan, Kish Air, Karun Airlines, Qeshm Air, Zagros, Pars Air, Taban, Pooya, Caspian, Ata, Fly Persia, Meraj Airlines and Saha Airways. Mehrabad currently handles about 13 million passengers annually, making it the country's busiest airport .

Mehrabad International Airport Control Tower :

The airport control tower consists of several parts. The main building of the control tower is a 10-storey building that is over 30 meters high. The airport's observation tower consists of :

1.150 square meters of space for flight

care 2. 225 square meters of space for the radar for flight approximation

3. 225 space navigation equipment and

infrastructure 4. The main building of the control tower on most floors has

about 120 square meters of operational space 5. 300 square meters is also a radar building.

Airport Map :.
Mehr Abad Airport

Introducing Station

Saman Air Services Company started its activities at Mehrabad International Airport in 1385 with the aim of improving the quality and variety of services in accordance with international aviation standards. At the beginning of its operation, the station has served 1000,6500 flights per month, which has now increased monthly to an average of 1100,455 incoming and outgoing flights. Saman Air Services Co. has been committed to fulfilling its commitments and satisfying customers in the framework of the company's policies and in order to achieve the goals set by the establishment, to fulfill its obligations and satisfy customers, and to continuously improve the quality of the work processes . 

Mehrabad station with a total of 14 personnel and <> equipment types to <> contracting airlines including Mahan. Aseman, Qeshm Air, Karun, Sepehran, Caspian, Pars Air, Fly Persia, Saha, Pouya, Ata, Meraj and Kish Air) offers handling services in a variety of aircraft types .

Introduction Station Services

  • Managerial performance in station control
  • Passenger Services
  • Ramp Services
  • Loading, controlling and flight operations
  • Support Services
  • Protective and protective measures
  • Cargo Services
  • Coordinating aviation and flight monitoring