Ground Services

Saman Co. is the largest and most reputable company providing ground services in Iran. We offer a wide range of services to provide a comprehensive package to our customers to fulfill our role as a strategic partner.

Saman Company is currently providing ground services in 14 airports of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which today is the largest ground service company in terms of the volume of services and the scope of its activity. Synchronization of activities and the type of service delivery equal to international agreements has enabled us to define each specific area of our services and honor the demands of our customers. This leads to the use of standard services for airline passengers that are a common community between the parties.

Saman Air Services Company with valid national and international certificates from competent authorities offers its services to its customers in 8 parts. Agreed jointly with the contracting companies. We have made our approach clear and mutually cooperative so that we can bring a culture of continuous improvement to our processes. These services can vary depending on each airport according to the conditions agreed according to the criteria.