Esfahan Airport

Isfahan Airport is one of the oldest airports in the country which was located in the Sofeh area of Isfahan since 1308 and according to the needs of the time, the airport was moved to the current location in 1361. The new airport is located 10 miles (equal to 5.18 km) east of Isfahan in the desert area, with a geographical specification of • 32° ° '45' and '3 seconds north, • 51° '51' and 6 seconds east with an altitude of 1542 meters from Sea level and in an area of 1315 hectares with the aim of conducting passenger and educational flights was started in 1361 and officially introduced as an international airport to the country's aviation industry which is providing aviation and airport services 24 hours a day .

Airport facilities :.

The airport has navigation systems and equipment NDB, DME, ILS DME, DVOR, and Approach radar (SSR-PSR), floor-making cars, snowplows and sweepers for safety of flight areas and two runways with a length of 4397 m and 45 m wide numbered 25 right/07 left and 25 left/07 right and 13 taxiways and apron with an area of 206600 square meters with 20 reception points for all types of passenger aircraft available and the domestic flight terminal has an area of 13750 square meters and an external terminal with an infrastructure of 15000 square meters. One of the advantages of this airport is its convenient distance from urban areas, which does not have many problems of other airports in the country, one of the most important which is the absence of noise pollution for the residents of Isfahan. Due to the special political, social, economic, cultural role of the city, and many special natural and tourist attractions it welcomes a large number of domestic travelers, foreign tourists and fans of the tourism industry every year. It is noteworthy to review and meet many senior officials and officials from different countries who visit the historic city of Isfahan while traveling to Iran .

Airport Map :.
Esfahan Airport
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Introducing Station

Saman Air Services Company was established in Isfahan Station in 1389 with the aim of providing ground services to domestic and foreign airlines. Currently, it has 160 personnel and an average of 500 domestic and foreign flights per month and provides the following services to 12 domestic and 3 foreign airlines :

- Accepting passengers and baggage

- Transferring passengers from the hall to the plane and vice versa

- Providing services to disabled passengers

 - Cargo

- Identification of passengers

- Escort and security of passenger baggage

- Baggage services and flight plan

Introduction Station Services

  • Managerial performance in station control
  • Passenger Services
  • Ramp Services
  • Loading, controlling and flight operations
  • Support Services
  • Protective and protective measures
  • Cargo Services
  • Coordinating aviation and flight monitoring