Larestan Airport

Larestan Airport (Ayatollah Ayatollahi Larestan)

Distance to Tehran: 980 km (608 miles) Distance to the city center : about 4 km above sea level: 800 meters

Airport Type : General


Larestan is one of the cities of Fars and one of the 49 primary cities established in 1316. Before that, Larestan was one of the provinces of Iran, with an area of 12000,340 square kilometers. Lar is the capital of Larestan County, one of the oldest cities in Iran. The distance to the capital of Fars province (Shiraz) is 190 km, and Bandar Abbas is 1339 km. Larestan is located between Darab, Jahrom, Khonj and Lamerd counties, and is bordered by Hormozgan province in the east and south. Larestan Airport is one of the most important pillars of passenger and tourism in the southern part of the country. Larestan Airport was established after the earthquake of 1372 in order to help affected people, and after the revolution and considering the business of most people in the region in the Persian Gulf countries, as well as the formation of universities and scientific centers, domestic and foreign flights became necessary and this airport was recognized as an air border in 1372. In 1385, Lar Airport is known as the Air Frontier and since July 54, due to the high statistics of foreign flights, the transportation of cargo and passengers, as well as the installation of all the devices and navigation systems of the day in it according to the approval of the Board of Directors of the country's Airports Company from the General Directorate of Airports of Fars Province and as an independent airport in all financial, operational, airport and other fields. It is directly managed under the supervision of the country's airports company .

In terms of statistics of international flights as well as passenger and cargo transportation considering the population of this city after Imam Khomeini International Airport is considered as the second airport and regardless of the population it is ranked eighth in the country between 13 airports and this airport is higher than 13 airports in the centers of provinces .

Airport facilities :.

Terminals and airport facilities

This airport has three terminals for passengers and it is interesting to know that these three terminals have the capacity to handle more than three million passengers per year. Terminal 3 is considered as the only green airport terminal in the Middle East in terms of innovative facilities. In these terminals, various types of welfare services are provided for the passengers who come to this airport, which are as follows :

The check-in section is the one in which flight documents such as passports, visas, and plane tickets are checked by airline officials .

Cargo packing department

Lost and Found section

Souvenir and clothing stores

Various restaurants and coffee shops

Private parking with a capacity of 92 cars

ATMs of different banks

The parking lot on the west side of Terminal 2 with a capacity of 230 cars has been prepared to serve the esteemed visitors .

Airport Map :.
Larestan Airport
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Introducing Station

Saman Air Services Co. is the largest handing company in the country to improve the level of customer service and customer reverence on 1397 January 30 by attracting and employing <> people at Larestan airport .

Saman Air Services Company Larestan Station utilizes modern equipment to operate airlines operating at Larestan airport, including Fly Dubai, Qeshm Air and Kish Air in domestic and foreign routes .

Introduction Station Services

  • Managerial performance in station control
  • Passenger Services
  • Ramp Services
  • Loading, controlling and flight operations
  • Support Services
  • Protective and protective measures
  • Cargo Services
  • Coordinating aviation and flight monitoring