Employee code of ethics



We, employees of Saman Air Services Company as community servants with the aim of providing desirable services and honoring people, cooperate and try to satisfy customers and achieve the company's goals. We will be united and will always stick to the following principles to make the aviation industry and also our country proud.

We believe that worship, self-purification and human education are the main axis of human development and growth. We consider God as the watcher of our deeds.

We commit to keep our thoughts in moderation, our decisions based on prudence, and our behaviors within the framework of the law, and to avoid rashness and selfishness.

Compliance with ethical principles:
We consider it necessary to observe good morals and pay attention to human dignity and the divine teachings of Islam in administrative and organizational behavior based on courtesy, respect and humility.

Cohesion and integrity:
We believe in increasing cohesion, integrity and harmony in the company with an interactive approach, and strive to promote commitment, loyalty and sense of belonging to the organization and align it with individual goals.

Respecting the rights of citizens and honoring customers:
We consider citizens as the right holders for the organization, therefore, respecting customers, responding and solving problems of clients and customers is a dominant value in the organization and our services are based on the principle of customer orientation, accuracy, speed, honesty, satisfaction, order and foresight.
We believe that what we have at our disposal is a divine trust and we should be diligent in the correct use of authority, organizational position and job position, in line with the protection of national wealth, the sustainable development of the aviation industry and its transfer to future generations.

Productivity and continuous improvement:
Promoting productivity and sustainable development and paying special attention to the value engineering is the focus of our thought to always be on the path of progress, development and continuous improvement.

Work conscience and organizational commitment:
Commitment to work, effort and service, participation in decision-making and decision making in order to realize the organization's strategies is our duty.

Honesty and integrity:
We always respect public opinion and strictly refrain from manipulating information and providing information in such a way to deceive others and be diligent in doing the right thing to achieve the organization goals.

Knowledge-based perspective and Innovation:
We always strive to increase our knowledge and develop our skills, and in all areas, we put creativity and innovation at the top of our thoughts.

  Social Responsibility:
We are committed to be diligent and persistent regarding the basic measures related to social responsibility in order to improve the environment and the quality of life of the community members, comply with safety principles and promote the culture and health of the society.