Ahvaz Airport

Ahvaz, as one of the main metropolises of Iran, plays a very important and crucial role in political, economic and tourism activities of the country. Ahvaz's unique strategic location has increased the demand for traffic to this city. Ahvaz International Airport is the most important airport in southern Iran, which is known as a suitable platform for domestic and foreign traffic to this city .

Ahvaz International Airport is located in the south of Iran and around the city of Ahvaz. The distance from Ahvaz airport to the city center is about 11 km .

Ahvaz International Airport is located at an altitude of 19 meters above sea level and is integrated into the ILS system which reduces the risks of storms and adverse weather conditions .

In the early years, the area of this airport and surrounding lands was located in a place of more than 284 hectares. Today, the main part of Ahvaz Airport is located on an area of 14500,3400 square meters and has a runway length of 1339 meters .

Prior to 1342, the Ahvaz airport was under the responsibility and maintenance of the National Iranian Oil Company and was located in the Baghat Shah area. In 370, when commercial and tourism traffic from Tehran and other major cities of the world had intensified to Ahvaz, a 30-meter long and 2020-meter-wide runway was constructed at Ahvaz airport .

A few years after the start of the airport, according to the decision of the relevant authorities, the airport was awarded to the General Civil Aviation Organization and became an operational airport in Khuzestan province. In 85, in recognition of the bravery of General Qasem Soleimani and to pay tribute to this great person, the name of Ahvaz International Airport was changed to Ahvaz Qasem Soleimani Airport .

Ahvaz airport with two domestic and foreign terminals brings passengers to their intended destinations. In general, Ahvaz Airport is a relatively busy airport and has an average of <> domestic and international flights per day, and all domestic and international flights are carried out through various airlines including Mahan, Aseman, Karun Air, Ata, Kish Air, Qeshm Air, Sepehran, Saha, Pouya, Pars Ocean Qeshm, Airtour, Caspian, Varesh, Fly Persia, Chabahar, Taban, Zagros and Iran Air Airlines .

Airport facilities :.

Facilities of Shahid Qasem Soleimani Airport: Among the facilities available at this airport are the following :

• Free Internet

• Fast food

• Restaurant :

There is a 420-meter restaurant built to allow passengers to eat if needed .

• Coffee shop

• Cigarette Room

 • Multiple ATMs

• There are two branches of the National Bank in this airport. One of these branches is located in the transit lounge of foreign flights to pay for duties and the other is in the domestic flight lounge .

• Prayer room

• Ahvaz airport police

• Baby and mother room

• Emergency Medical and Pharmaceutical Center

• Wheelchair and services for people with disabilities

• Business centers: There are various pavilions in the terminal of this airport such as clothing, food, souvenirs and cultural products .

• Transportation and taxi service: In order for passengers to reach their destination, more than 180 taxis are available in front of the international lounge .

• In addition, there are 20 taxi units for women in domestic flights for comfort of female passengers .

• Parking: There are two parking spaces at this airport. One of the parking lots is busy on a daily basis. The location covers an area of more than 6900 meters and houses 220 cars .

• The second parking lot is available around the clock and has the capacity for 300 cars.

• Baggage: If you don't use your items for a long time or a short time, you can hand them over to the safety desk .

• It should be noted that all of the above items are provided 24 hours a day for passengers .

Airport Map :.
Ahvaz Airport
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Introducing Station

Since the beginning of October 1400 with the merger of Oxin Blue Bird Company into Saman Air Services Company, the company started working with 150 personnel in Ahvaz, and with the average handling services of 40 daily flights (meeting and takeoff) airlines Mahan, Aseman, Karun, Ata, Kish Air, Qeshm Air, Sepehran, Saha, Pouya, Pars Ocean Qeshm, Airtour, has the most amount of handling in this airport .

Introduction Station Services

  • Managerial performance in station control
  • Passenger Services
  • Ramp Services
  • Loading, controlling and flight operations
  • Support Services
  • Protective and protective measures
  • Cargo Services
  • Coordinating aviation and flight monitoring