Mashhad Airport

Mashhad Airport was established in 1951 under the name of Mashhad Airport. In 1967, the runway of the airport was made of concrete and the air force defense base was exploited .

With the increase in flights and arrival of DC8 aircraft, and subsequently Boeing 707, 727 and 737 and Airbus, in 1979 the new parking lot and terminal, the flight control tower and the side buildings of the new airport were incomplete, which due to the dissolution of the contractor continued its completion process until after the Islamic Revolution of 1979. After the end of the Iran-Iraq war and Mashhad airport was renamed to Shahid Hashemi Nejad Airport of Mashhad .

Airport facilities :.

In Mashhad airport, it is possible to rent a car in and out of Iran by Europcar Company. Mashhad Airport was connected to Mashhad Metro Line 1 in October 2015 .

The airport has a jetway (gate-to-plane bridge) that provides ease for passengers. The purchase of 5 more jets is in order .

The Center for Science in Techniques and Aviation Services of Mashhad Airport is the largest and most equipped aviation center in Mashhad with training in fields such as piloting, aircraft maintenance, dispatch, avionics and hospitality, and also has several training aircraft for pilot students and a large hangar for maintenance students. The airport is open to all Boeing and all Airbus aircraft (except Airbus 380) .

Airport Map :.
Mashhad Airport
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Introducing Station

Saman Air Services Company was established in Mashhad Hashemi Nejad Airport in April 1384 with the aim of providing ground services for domestic and international and VIP airlines in compliance with international and national standards set and approved by Civil Aviation Organization. Saman Air Services Company in Mashhad station was able to provide services to about 800 domestic and foreign flights per month, and now this number reaches 2400 flights per month.

the number of station personnel according to the latest statistics of April is 550 .

Introduction Station Services

  • Managerial performance in station control
  • Passenger Services
  • Ramp Services
  • Loading, controlling and flight operations
  • Support Services
  • Protective and protective measures
  • Cargo Services
  • Coordinating aviation and flight monitoring