Safety And Quality Management System


Safety in the aviation industry is dynamic and dynamic. Risks and risks that pose a safety threat arise continuously. The existence of a performance platform allows our company to meet its regulatory and regulatory obligations to mitigate this risk and control to an acceptable level.

Saman Co. by integrating safety management system and quality management system seeks to achieve a systemic approach to take advantage of integrated systems (TMS).

Safety and Quality Management with a Dedication to Excellence approach independently conducts audits and inspections and provides stakeholders' confidence in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations and standards. By doing this, the safety risk management system achieves a safety performance equilibrium cycle in which safety risks are moderated by interventions.

This element provides the ability to make data-driven decision-making and proactive risk and enables Saman Company to successfully navigate and orient at the Management Dilemma.

The active leadership of the company's CEO was a spark for safety management, quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) processes, so that by putting these managements together, the readiness and commitment required to behaviors and values would be met.

In safety and quality management, we seek to ensure robust assurance that management systems effectively play their role as protective shields.