Mailroom of the Specialized Committee on Change

In order to review, final approval and suggestion of plans and plans of development and improvement to the board of directors of the company in Chehrchoob the provisions of this document and the control and supervision of the implementation of the notification approvals, "Specialized Committee on Transformation and Continuous Improvement is formed with the following combination and description of the following tasks to the head of the company's managing director.

The composition of the members of the specialized committee are:

  • Managing Director - Chairman of the Committee
  • Human Capital Deputy – Member
  • Deputy of Finance and Economic Affairs – Member
  • Technical and Engineering Deputy – Member
  • Senior Station Manager- Member
  • Safety and Quality Manager - Member and Secretary of the Committee
  • Company Security Manager – Member
  • Up to four senior experts specializing in financial and economic, technical and engineering, human capital, safety and quality, selected by the CEO - member

The main duties of the specialty committee are:

  • Prioritizing operational strategies and scheduling and reviewing and implementing them based on the recommendations of the seven specialized working groups based on the theme-based on the strategic document.
  • Reviewing and confirming the proposed development and improvement plans of the specialized working groups based on the above-mentioned prioritization and sending it to the approval of the board of directors of the company.
  • Review the referral issues by the CEO or board of directors and send them to the relevant specialized working group to review and present the proposal.
  • Monitoring the quality and how to form specialized working groups and evaluate their performance.
  • Reviewing the performance reports of specialized working groups on a monthly basis in order to know the quantity and quality of their performance and the necessary supervision and coordination and synergy between them.
  • Excellent supervision on how to review and progress the implementation of the strategic document by the working groups and the field of the company's descriptive headquarters.
  • Making decisions about the establishment, merger and elimination of specialized working groups as required and planning for holding joint working groups.